Nowadays, more and more jobs are becoming remote. This means that with a laptop and good internet connection, you can work almost anywhere in the world. We’ve collated a list of the top jobs for digital nomads so you can become fully remote and travel the world whilst living and working, from anywhere.

1. Graphic designer

Being a graphic designer is one of the most common freelance jobs. Graphic design is a subset of visual communication. This means designing product packaging, marketing materials, or even user interface. If you have a keen eye for aesthetics and are into design, check out Skillshare via the link at the bottom of this article to upskill on all-things design. We’re offering Outpost members 2-months free on Skillshare subscriptions, so sign up now!

2. Social media manager

Social media managers’ typical responsibilities are creating a social media strategy, curating content, community management and keeping track of social media traffic. Whilst some companies opt to have their own in-house social media manager, some will hire a marketing agency, but many smaller businesses hire freelance social media managers to do the job. If you’re an avid user of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok, this could well be the job for you. Facebook Blueprint offers a plethora of free online courses from beginner level to pro so check them out via the link below.

3. Programmer

Programming is the OG job for digital nomads. Programmers write codes for software, apps, websites, and are undoubtedly one of the most in-demand jobs there is. To be a good programmer, you need to be computer-literate and understand tools such as Python and JavaScript. The best part is, you don’t even need to be connected to the internet to do the job. The learning curve is steep with programming, but if you’re up for a challenge, you’ll be equipped with one of the most valuable skills in the world!

4. Copywriter

Every advertisement, social media post, or newsletter needs to captivate the readers. The role of a copywriter is to write the text used in promotional materials. Copywriting, much like graphic design, is a creative job that’s fun, fresh and enables you to get those creative juices flowing. If you have a knack for words, copywriting might be a great job for you to try, even as a side hustle!

5. Content creator

If you’re creative and interested in how best to convey brand messaging to people, creating online content may be the route to go down. There are an abundance of platforms that require content: from blog posts, YouTube videos, to Instagram posts. As long as you have a passion for your niche and a creative mind, creating content is definitely something you’d want to try as it’s fun, engaging and rewarding.

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