Live and work out there

It was a crazy vision back in 2012; that everyone could work remotely…anywhere.

That you could pack it all up, spin the globe, pick a spot, and still get serious work done.

Back then “remote work” was niche; and nomadism, a daydream. But we wanted to change that.

In 2016, we opened our first location in Bali with a workspace and a few villas, with one simple mission: to empower people to live and work out there.

Since then, tens of thousands of people have joined our community. They’ve launched startups, flew their team in for a retreat, and held meetings with their home office. They put their trust in Outpost that we could make their lifestyle work.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that you can do whatever you love…wherever you like.

Post-COVID, hundreds of millions have said enough to the full-time office grind. They’re seeking something more, a connection, a sense of belonging; and an opportunity to give back.

For many, they long to travel and work in amazing destinations globally.  Outpost is there for them. This is where Outpost comes in.


Surfers heading out near Canggu, Bali

Beyonders, our community.

We venture to the frontier because, out there, we belong.

We travel not to escape, but to engage—to add to our lives— not replace what’s missing.

We experience new destinations; not just see them. Curiosity guides our quest.

We search for fellow explorers, creatives and entrepreneurs who share our values. We seek to understand one another, embrace our differences.

We’re not a community of like-minds. But a rich mix of cultural creatives, living, working and sharing on the frontier. Contribution to something greater compels us.

Our journey is more than venturing down a new path; it’s discovering a new train of thought. We challenge our beliefs through cultural immersion and deep conversations.

The result of our exploration is not our own personal transformation.

Rather the journey itself inspires us.

Find a community where you belong

We’re a community where cultural creatives meet and ideas spark.

We connect a community of remote workers and nomads to an inspiring network of live, work and social destinations.

They know at Outpost, the workspace works, the rooms are comfy, and the wifi is battle-tested. But just as importantly, they know they’ll be part of a global community: a movement of people setting the trend on how the world can live. And you can make friends that last well beyond your time at our destinations.

At Outpost you can hit the surf in-between meetings, record your next product launch video, and listen to a panel discuss fashion or the latest marketing trends.

Our members have proven that you don’t have to get away from it all. You can get away for it all. That somewhere on the frontier is an Outpost where an amazing mix of people are hatching new ideas, and thinking differently.

Discover your Outpost. Belong.

Our Founders

David Abraham

From the White House to Wall Street, the plains of northern Uganda to the arctic cold of Lithuania, David’s been there. He ran NGOs, advised investor types and even wrote a book.

Bryan Stewart

He built a career helping companies in developing countries find investors. He’s pounded the pavement from Shanghai to Jakarta & advised a few NGOs in Eastern Europe & South Asia along the way.

Our Locations

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