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Hailing from a small town in the north of France, Remy Fixon began his career in the hotel industry after studying hotel management and working primarily within the Radisson Hotel Group in Brussels and Nice. He then moved to Bali with his family where he’s been working in the coliving and coworking industry with Outpost ever since. Learn more about Remy’s story and discover his favorite thing about coworking in our latest space manager feature below.


How did you discover coworking?

As soon as I arrived in Bali, I immediately began searching for hotel general manager positions, until I found an opening at a coworking property. At the time, coliving and coworking was not very familiar to me, but I quickly found that the job was exactly what I was looking for – to be part of an entrepreneurial community.

What coworking space do you manage? How long have you been the general manager there?

Since May of 2019 I’ve been managing both Outpost coliving and coworking locations in Ubud (Nyuh Kuning). I also manage our partner restaurant, Current, that’s located right in front of our Ubud coliving. The space plays host to live music performed by local artists and serves handcrafted artisan cocktails, and delicious plates by our local chef, Joshi.

How would you describe the community at your coworking space?

Our community is made up of location independent entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals. We have welcomed people from all corners of the world into our spaces. A typical Outposter may run their own travel blog, work on a new app developed with block-chain, or hold a job in their home country that allows them to work from wherever. We believe now with more companies embracing this new work lifestyle, that more people will come to Bali and join our community.


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