What’s the best thing about being an anywhere worker? The world is your office. The possibilities for an anywhere worker are endless; you can work beachside, in the jungle, on top of a mountain, the list goes on! Because work can happen anywhere, you need to be adaptable and ready to work wherever you can, so we’ve collated our list of top necessities so you can be productive, from anywhere.

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  1. Laptop stand

Working on your laptop all day can cause physical strain on your body. A laptop stand can mimic a desktop monitor, ensuring a healthy and ergonomic posture to avoid any long-term damage.

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  1. External hard drive

As an anywhere worker, it is always important to carry an external hard drive to store all your work and important data. This will save you some panicking if your laptop falls into a river when hiking or overheats in 40°C weather.

  1. A VPN

One tool that might be often overlooked is a VPN or a virtual private network. Being in foreign countries often means that there are restrictions on the web. You probably also need to rely on public wi-fi at times. Having a VPN ensures that you can access content from all over the world and that your data is safe from those unwanted eyes. Nomads we’ve talked to like to use ExpressVPN or NordVPN for their lifestyles.

  1. Sturdy backpack

Being an anywhere worker means that you need to need to bring your office inside your backpack. Of course, a good backpack varies for each person, depending on their needs. Things to keep in mind are size, durability, and comfort. A great backpand brand that like is Tortuga for utility and travel, and Aer for a modern, stylish backpack designed in San Francisco.

  1. Noise Cancelling Software

Meetings online can be a pain sometimes especially when you are out and about. Getting a background noise canceling software like Krisp is a great way to make sure you can get a good quality call in a busy cafe or crowded streets.

Can you think of any other tools that we missed? Let us know!