Coworking & Coliving: Bali and Cambodia | Outpost


“I’m so much more productive here.” It’s a phrase we hear daily from our members. We’re a destination to start new projects, collaborate and get stuff done.

You’ll have an amazing time with us. The warmth of the people, the amazing food, the affordability. But with the great lifestyle options, many fall short of their goals. That’s where our productive spaces come in.

People who get stuff done! From architects and Amazon retailers to investors and zebra handlers (OK, we’ve not had a handler yet, but we’ve had animal trainers.)

Many members worked remotely before; others are just discovering the joy of location independence. The diversity of our members and their productive focus helps make a dynamic community.

We’re setting a new course: Idyllic, productive living. With pools, free massages, river walks, and thought-provoking events, Outpost is more than coworking--we’re a productive space.

It is! In fact we have special priced "Night Owl" memberships for you late-night thinkers. Please note that while our facilities are open for working around the clock, our front desk staff will only be available to sign new members up weekdays 8am-9pm and weekends 9am-6pm.


At Outpost, we put a lot of effort into providing good and reliable internet connection. At all of our spaces, we have the largest bandwidth in the area. For example, we have three separate fiber optic lines coming into our Ubud space and a satellite-based backup connection from three different providers. With over 250mb/s shared bandwidth and a dedicated 40mb/s line, you can surf the internet and get work done without any interruptions. Our providers use different backbones. That means if one line goes out, there are other ways to route traffic.

LAN & Wifi Infrastructure

We use top of the line Mikrotik Router RB 1100AHx2 with a dual core CPU, it can reach up to a million packets per second and supports hardware encryption. We combine that with our Peplink Balance 305 load balancer to manage all our providers and intelligently distribute traffic between all our providers. We use CAT6 cables throughout the space, allowing our LAN to reach 1gb/s Ethernet speeds. All of our equipment is housed in a heat dissipating server rack mounted in our air-conditioned space to protect them from overheating and humidity.

Each of our spaces feature multiple UniFi AC LR Access Points running both 2.4GHz & 5GHz speeds allowing us to minimize interference and deliver faster speeds than other access points. All our access points are meshed together so you don't lose connection while moving between floors or while you're on your way to the cafe. We have Skype Booths with hardwired LAN connections for more stability -- we also provide USB ethernet ports if you need them, just ask the front desk.

To ensure the best experience we have real time network monitoring using SNMP, DNS and TCP monitoring. We run and plot our ping tests every 10 minutes to make sure our ISPs are delivering reliable service. If any connection is running slower than expected we can trigger our backup ISP to keep the speeds up to our standards.

Our resident network engineer Dody works day and night to help deliver the best experience possible in Bali. You can reach him at


Yes, power outages happen. But, we have our own backup power to make sure our members are connected 24/7. And if lighting were to strike the backup power generator, UPS can keep our routers and network running for up to 2 hours if the power goes out, after that we have a power generator that kicks in and keeps the power going as long as needed. When the power goes out in the area, Outpost stands out as one of the few places with the lights still on.

We continue to monitor the status of Mount Agung and are in touch with local officials. We understand the concern that people have about the uncertainty of the situation. Ubud is well beyond the evacuation area. At Outpost, we remain vigilant and prepared as Indonesia, like Japan and Chile, are in highly volatile geologic areas. 

Our thoughts are with those who live in the immediate area affected by the evacuations. 

We are operating as normal, as are our members and groups. We expect this will continue.

We encourage you to track via Magma Indonesia, Badan Geologi and Badan Nasional Penaggulangan Bencana

“Good Morning, Lauren!” Our staff Adit says with a smile. It’s Lauren’s second day and already we greet her by name.

Adit will know your name too. Saying hello is the first step to set a collaborative welcoming vibe. And when you choose your seat, you’ll be sitting alongside some amazing people willing to offer that nugget of info to make your project that much richer.

The variety of our amenities is unparalleled--individual and team offices, air-conditioned and open-air rooms; ergonomic chairs; standing, sitting and dedicated desks; podcasting equipment; three skype booths. And that’s just the beginning

We have different spaces for different needs: Need to collaborate, we have a floor for that. Need a quiet floor, we have that too.  Need to ponder your next move, walk along the banks of the Wos River. We are the biggest grounds of any coworking space in the country.

We host events that engage: from stories of success and failure from amazing entrepreneurs like the head of Body Shop Indonesia to skill-sharing and author talks.

Yes! We offer comfortable lodging at all three of our locations (Ubud and Canggu, Bali as well as in Cambodia). They feature en-suite bathrooms, cozy furnishings, air conditioning and reliable Wi-Fi. 

We’ve had doctors, writers, investors and event planners stay with us. And that was just in one month. Check availability here.

Yes, please. We have offices. And space.