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Frequently Asked Questions

For the past month we have increased our procedures:

  1. Greeted people with a traditional Balinese greeting, a friendly wave, or a nod. 

  2. Washed our hands frequently with soap and for 20 seconds.

  3. Stayed home if we felt even slightly unwell.

  4. Sanitized tables and door handles frequently, especially high touch point areas.

  5. Refillled 70% alcohol sanitizer, hand soap, and restocked paper towels.

  6. Used thermometers when requested for temperature checks.

  7. Partnered with our own doctors for emergency needs.

  8. Temporarily suspended our coworking spaces for the wellbeing of our community and staff. We are also no longer taking any further bookings for our coliving properties. 

  9. Launched a Nomad Facebook group that supports Nomad travel & safety.

We have postponed events until April. Some events will be held online. For updates, follow us on the Outpost Forum.

Bookings may be rescheduled up to 2 weeks before the arrival date. If you’re having challenges arriving at our properties due to an illness, travel restrictions or flight cancellations, please email the property directly: 

  • Outpost Ubud Coliving |
  • Outpost Ubud Penestanan Coliving & Coworking |
  • Outpost Canggu Coliving |

If you begin to feel unwell and develop symptoms, remain where you are and immediately seek medical advice by calling the nearest local clinic at the numbers provided below. 


  • Toya Clinic: +62(0)361 978078 

  • BIMC: +62(0)361 2091030


  • Siloam: +62(0)811 3991134

Once you have called the clinic, please email us at the location you are staying. 

  • Outpost Ubud Coliving |

  • Outpost Ubud Penestanan Coliving & Coworking |

  • Outpost Canggu Coliving |

For the latest information, visit our Coronavirus Forum for Nomads & Remote Workers Facebook group. It’s a platform to help deliver and curate credible information on the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We also stay up to date on news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Due to the nature of events that are currently evolving all around the world, we strongly recommend travelers to visit Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the most up to date information on travel alerts and restrictions. 

Exploration, growth and connection. These three things are woven into everything we do, which means we help you get out there and see this beautiful island. We’ll also introduce you to other wanderlusts and work warriors to explore it with. 

We know you’re also here to work hard and turn your passion projects into a reality, so we provide you the tools and spaces you need to feel your most inspired. We’re a destination to start new projects, collaborate and get stuff done.

But you’re also joining a coworking space for the “co” part, right?  At Outpost, the warmth of the people and the diversity of our events will help you form deeper, quicker connections with your fellow location-independent adventurers.

Our community is a mixture of ambitious self starters and friendly, open-minded creatives.  From architects and Amazon retailers to investors and zebra handlers (OK, we’ve not had a handler yet, but we’ve had animal trainers) - so many talented people come through our doors to build their dreams.

Many of our members have worked remotely before; others are just beginning to discover the joy of location independence. Some are employed by big companies working from 8 pm to 8 am, while others are their own boss. The diversity of our members and their productive focus helps make a dynamic community.

Despite such different livelihoods, one thing’s for certain - go up and say hello to anyone in our spaces and you’re guaranteed to have a new friendly face around, and who knows? Maybe even a future business partner.

As a nomad community that values exploration, growth and connection with the communities that we live in, it’s critical for us to be a responsible force. That means acting with intention on our own wellbeing.

Experts tell us that individual and collective steps to remain healthy are the most effective way to limit any possible spread. 

Here’s some actions we’re taking:

  1. We greet people with a traditional Balinese greeting or a forearm “high-five”

  2. We’re washing our hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds

  3. If we feel symptoms of a cold/flu, we’ll stay home

  4. We’re increasing the frequency we clean common areas

  5. We have thermometers at the front desk in case anyone feels ill and needs to check

  6. We’ve provided 70% alcohol cleaning solution for our hands

  7. We’re refraining from touching our face

  8. If we need to cough or sneeze, we’re doing so away from people or into our shoulder/arm

  9. If we feel unwell, we can call Toya Clinic at 0361 978078, BIMC at 0361 2091030, or Siloam at 0811 3991134 

We’ll have more on the Facebook Outpost Forum regarding additional steps we’re taking and provide advice we receive from the CDC and other local sources.

Yes! All of our memberships (except for Day Pass) grant you access to all three of our workspaces: Ubud, Canggu and our brand new coworking space in Ubud Penestanan. 

We do! Group membership rates vary based on the size of the group and duration of your membership. Email us to learn more!

Unfortunately we don’t, but we do have a Day Pass option so you can try out our space. Our host desk staff are also happy to give you a complimentary tour before you decide to sign up.

Each membership can only be used for one guest.

We allow a maximum of three devices for any individual membership plan.

Sorry, we do not accept PayPal at this time.

Coworking refunds are available to anyone who has previously been a member or makes a booking of three consecutive months. Your current month’s membership (if active) is not refundable, nor is your first month if your membership has not yet begun. Any subsequent months beyond that are refundable at a rate of 50% of the membership cost.

Just sign up at the front desk and let the good times roll.

We do! Chat to our host desk about where we partner, but members can enjoy everything from discounted brunches to yoga classes and dive courses. Our hosts can share the full list with you and you may also check it out on the Event Board posted within each space.

If you are on a monthly membership, it is valid for exactly 30 days from the day it started. If you are on an hourly membership, we keep track of your hours based on your internet connection while you’re in our spaces.  You are welcome to come into any Outpost location and have a coffee at the cafe or attend one of the events. As long as you’re not online at the time, these moments will not count towards your hours.

We totally get it. You have a lot to get done and need to ensure you find a space that helps you achieve your goals. At Outpost, we have the largest bandwidth in the neighborhood at all of our locations. We make sure that our internet providers use different backbones. That means if one line goes out, there are other ways to route traffic. In our Ubud HQ, like our other destinations, we have three separate fiber optic lines coming into the space and a satellite-based backup connection from three different providers. With over 250mb/s shared bandwidth and a dedicated 70mb/s line, you can surf the internet and get work done without any interruptions. 

For those who are curious about the techy details: we use a top of the line Mikrotik Router RB 1100AHx2 with a dual core CPU. It can reach up to a million packets per second and supports hardware encryption. We combine that with our Peplink Balance 305 load balancer to manage all our providers and intelligently distribute traffic between all our providers. We use CAT6 cables throughout the space, allowing our LAN to reach 1gb/s Ethernet speeds. All of our equipment is housed in a heat dissipating server rack that’s mounted in our air-conditioned space to protect it from overheating and humidity.

TLDR: We do everything we can to ensure you will have a fast, guaranteed internet connection even in the jungle.

Each of our spaces feature multiple UniFi AC LR Access Points running both 2.4GHz & 5GHz speeds allowing us to minimize interference and deliver faster speeds than other access points. All our access points are meshed together so you don't lose connection while moving between floors or while you're on your way to the cafe. We have Skype Booths with hardwired LAN connections for more stability -- we also provide USB ethernet ports if you need them, just ask the front desk.

To ensure the best experience, we have real time network monitoring using SNMP, DNS and TCP monitoring. We run and plot our ping tests every 10 minutes to make sure our ISPs are delivering reliable service. If any connection is running slower than expected, we can trigger our backup ISP to keep the speeds up to our standards.

While we wish we could control this, sometimes things happen. We have a backup generator to  avoid interrupting your flow. If lighting were to strike even the backup power generator, we have a back up to our back-up. When the power goes out in the area, Outpost stands out as one of the few places with the lights still on.

Yes! In Ubud, you can enjoy a coffee at our on-site café, The Green Window. And in Canggu, Bali Bowls is also right downstairs (and members get a discount).. You can also order via Slack and get your food or caffeine fix delivered straight to your desk. 

We give you your own reserved area within our coworking space. While your membership is valid in all three locations, the dedicated desk is only set up in one. It does not come with a computer. We can offer you podcast equipment at an additional cost). You are also welcome to bring your own equipment and set-up.

The vibe. It’s a mix between uber productive, chill and friendly. When you’re in work mode, you can rest easy knowing there are plenty of comfortable ergonomic chairs around. You’ll just have to choose between the open-air breeze or cool chill of the air-conditioner. You’re welcome to rent your own nook/dedicated desk space, create a standing desk, bring in your podcasting equipment or teach that class in a private Skype booth.  

We have different spaces for different needs: Need to work together? We have a floor for that. Need some peace and quiet? We have a floor for that, too.  

All of our spaces are open 24 hours a day to suit your schedule. In fact, we even offer special priced "Night Owl" memberships for you late-night thinkers. 

(Please note that while our facilities are open for working around the clock, our front desk staff will only be available to sign new members up weekdays 8 am - 9 pm & weekends 9 am - 6 pm.)

We do offer both. Each of our spaces have a number of Skype booths and private offices for you to take advantage of. You can chat to the host desk to lock in a time.

Yes, this service is provided free of charge for members on all plans excluding a Day Pass and Lite Pass (25 hours per month). You can print up to 40 pages per month with the exception of the Medium Pass (70 hours) which includes free printing up to 10 pages a month.

The availability of equipment varies by location. We have a range of services for you to use, from monitors to laptops and projectors, or full podcast equipment (at an additional cost). Please check with the front desk for availability and rates.

Yes, you can reserve a private office for you and your client(s). Members of our coworking space can reserve offices at a discounted rate. For reservations, get in touch with us here.

Colleagues or friends will be required to purchase a membership. This membership includes access to our space, and direct access to our wide community of professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Yes! Enjoy a cozy suite or villa where you can take a dip in the pool, have dinner with other members, or even continue your work day if you need to stay on-line.

Check availability here.

Yes! Your family = our family. We just ask that you check with the host desks before bringing your kids or pets into our coworking spaces as sometimes our members are highly allergic.

In some of our locations, both coworking and coliving are under the same roof. In others, they are all within walking distance, although we recommend hiring a scooter. We can help you get one.

Yes you can!  If you want something delivered, our host desk or coliving coordinator can give you the mailing details. (The only exception is our Day Pass holders. We’re sorry, we can’t hold your mail unless you plan to return on at least a 25 hour per month membership)

Connection is one of our core values. Along with all the events we host to get you guys together, we have a very active online community across our social media and Slack channels.

We hold many events throughout the week, from skill shares and seminars, to workshops and yoga classes. You are sure to find something to help you grow both personally and professionally. We also hold social events that range from our First Friday Party to climbing Mount Batur.


The more the merrier in our opinion, so quite a few of our events are open to the public. However, there are many special events we like to keep just for our loyal members, like weekly lunches or group outings.

We are always on the lookout for guest speakers. Just reach out to our events coordinators to see if we can collaborate!

Please send us an email here with details about you or your business and what sort of partnership you are hoping to set up.

We continue to monitor the status of Mount Agung and are in touch with local officials. Ubud and Canggu are both well beyond the evacuation area. At Outpost, we remain vigilant and prepared as Indonesia is in highly volatile geologic areas. We encourage you to track via Magma Indonesia, Badan Geologi and Badan Nasional Penaggulangan Bencana.

Think yoga and granola vs surf and turf, both good in their own way!

Ubud Penestanan is our brand new property where coworking and coliving sit under the same roof. Outpost Ubud is the original location where it all began in 2016. We like to think of it as our headquarters now. Feel free to pop between both for working or events (+ Canggu).

There isn’t public transportation in Bali, so we recommend you rent a scooter to whizz around town. We can put you in touch with someone on arrival. Alternatively, taxis here are affordable and personal drivers can take you around for a day/week/month to suit your needs (We can also introduce you to some of ours).

Absolutely! Whether you are a clean eating vegan, or a high protein diet Cross-Ftter, the range of food nearby all our locations will not disappoint. Just ask our host-desk for your members’ discount card before you start eating your way around the ‘hood.

Unfortunately, we can’t help with that, but you can try finding a visa agent or even check one of the Facebook groups for digital nomads in Bali for recommendations/tips.