Do you have dedicated desks?

Yes we do. We give you your own reserved area within our coworking space. While your membership is valid in all Bali locations, the dedicated desk is only set up in one. It does not come with a computer. We can offer you podcast equipment at an additional cost. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment from home.

What makes your spaces different?

The vibe. It’s a mix between uber productive, chill and friendly. When you’re in work mode, you can rest easy knowing there are plenty of comfortable ergonomic chairs around. You’ll just have to choose between the open-air breeze or cool chill of the air-conditioner. You’re welcome to rent your own nook/dedicated desk space, create a standing desk, bring in your podcasting equipment or teach that class in a private Skype booth.

We have different spaces for different needs: Need to work together? We have a floor for that. Need some peace and quiet? We have a floor for that, too.

Are Outpost coworking spaces open 24/7 and on weekends?

All our Bali locations are open 24 hours every day, so you can work across time zones with ease.

In Sri Lanka, our Weligama Bay cowork is open from 7am until 11pm, 7 days a week.

Do you have a private room for meetings or calls?

Absolutely. Our Bali coworking spaces all come equipped with meeting rooms, private offices and video call booths, as well as hot desks and dedicated desk options. We also have whiteboards and projectors available on request. For Weligama we do not have a private meeting room available, but we do have private booths to take meetings or calls.

Can I print and scan documents?

Yes, we have printers and scanners. If you’d like to print, B&W printing is provided on all plans excluding the Day Pass and 25 Hours memberships. You can print up to 40 pages per month with the exception of the 70 Hours pass, which includes free printing up to 10 pages a month. Color printing will be an additional charge for any membership.

Can I rent a monitor, laptop or projector?

The availability of equipment varies by location. We have a range of services for you to use, from monitors to laptops and projectors, or full podcast equipment (at an additional cost). Please check with the front desk for availability and rates.

Does my coworking pass work in all Outposts?

When you purchase a cowork membership for Bali, you are automatically granted access to each one of our cowork spaces on the island. For Weligama Bay, any cowork membership purchased there will only be valid in Sri Lanka.

Can I bring clients to Outpost?

Yes, you can reserve a private office for you and your client(s). Members of our coworking space can reserve offices at a discounted rate. Get in touch with us for special rates.

Colleagues or friends will be required to purchase a membership. This membership includes access to our space, and direct access to our wide community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Can I share my coworking pass with another person?

Each membership can only be used for one guest.

Can I get mail delivered to Outpost?

Yes you can! If you want something delivered, our host desk or coliving coordinator can give you the mailing details. (The only exception is our Day Pass holders. We’re sorry, we can’t hold your mail unless you plan to return on at least a 25 hour per month membership)

How many devices can I use on a coworking pass?

We allow a maximum of three devices for any individual membership plan.

Do you sell day passes?

Yes. We have day passes available at each location to purchase on-site. Just swing by the host desk and we’ll get you set up!

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Coworking refunds are available to anyone who has previously been a member or makes a booking of three consecutive months. Your current month’s membership (if active) is not refundable, nor is your first month if your membership has not yet begun. Any subsequent months beyond that are refundable at a rate of 50% of the membership cost.

Are pets allowed in the coworking spaces?

Yes! Your family = our family. We kindly ask that you check with the host desk in each location before bringing your pets inside our coworking spaces as sometimes our members are highly allergic. In general, we welcome your furry friends to be alongside you in our open-air spaces.

Do you offer local discounts for being a member?

We do! Chat to our host desk about our partnerships with local businesses. You can enjoy everything from discounted brunches to yoga classes and dive courses.

What’s the difference between an hourly pass and a monthly one?

If you are on a monthly membership, it is valid for 1 calendar month from the day it started. If you’re using our new 2 week membership, it is valid for 14 consecutive days from when you start. And if you are on an hourly membership, we keep track of your hours per month based on your internet connection while you’re in our spaces.  You are welcome to come into any Outpost location and have a coffee at the cafe or attend one of the events. As long as you’re not online at the time, these moments will not count towards your hours.

I’m concerned the internet won’t be fast enough, what’s the connection like there?

We totally get it. You need a battle-tested, stable wifi setup so your video calls don’t drop. Our Bali workspaces have a 200mb/s shared ISP bandwidth and a dedicated 100mb/s line with different providers to ensure consistency even if one line goes out. In our markets, many providers boast of blazing high speeds. However, their use of poor quality backend equipment creates unstable, spotty coverage and dropped calls when more than a few users are online. To prevent this, we use top of the line routers with industry-standard load balancing to provide additional stability.

What are the specific details of the LAN/WiFi network?

In every Outpost we use business-grade tech for our wifi networks, housed in a heat dissipating server rack to give you the best internet experience.

For a more technical explanation, we have the following: a Mikrotik Router CCR 1009 7G 1C 1S+ with a 9 Core 1.2ghz that can reach to a million packet per second and support hardware encryption; a gigabit switch that capable distribute 1Gb/s per port; a business grade access point that supports high density and dual band frequency 2.4 and 5ghz; and CAT6 cables that run through the backbone of our infrastructure.

What happens if the power goes out?

While we wish we could control this, sometimes things happen. We have a backup generator to avoid interrupting your flow. If lighting were to strike even the backup power generator, we have a back up to our back-up. When the power goes out in the area, Outpost stands out as one of the few places with the lights still on.

Is there food available at Outpost?

Yes! In Ubud, you can enjoy coffee, breakfast plates and sandwiches at our Outpost Café. If you’re in our colive, we have Current – Social Club & Kitchen out front serving classic comfort food, cocktails and live music. In Weligama, we have a poolside café located in our lounge serving fresh pastries, healthy plates and drinks.

Do you have standing desks?

Yes, we have standing desks! We even have a small box to stand on if you need.